O man I nearly forgot but today I finished revolutionary girl utena and so I thought (since its developed into a habit) id spew some of my thoughts and feelings on it before heading to bed

That being said I absolutely a d or ed tye anime as a whole it was very visually appealing and the music was gorg eo us and many aspects of the anime as a whole???? Reminded me of princess tutu

But moreover ive been considering rgu all day and ive co m e to the conclusion that I re ally love the ideas it presents??? The wh o le cast is so inferesfing and confl I c ted and I love the theme that?? N ob ody is irredeemable and that you dont have to be fhe same person you were yesterday

Its not explores in length the idea of eternity and thr feeling that I got from it is that not h in g is forever but that doesnt make it meaningless and in that lack of eternity there is ro o m for error and improvement

I jus t
Rl y liked rg u o k„„,